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Client Testimonials

“Wow” “Awesome” “Fantastic” Those are only a few of the comments I heard from the audience after the recent performance by Beatlemania Magic in our theater. The show is truly magic for all Beatles fans, whether you saw them on Ed Sullivan or live in concert, or are among the younger fans who have discovered the music that forever changed the face of rock and roll. The professionalism of the band is outstanding and the attention to details in the singing, playing and appearance is amazing. This is what entertainment is all about. They don’t just perform, they entertain. If you are looking for a sure fire hit, Beatlemania Magic is just what you’re looking for.

Larry Stock

Cultural Center Director

Succop Theater

Butler County Community College

“What we received was more than just a show, it was an experience. Their passion and dedication to the original Beatles was noticed by all, and is still being talked about by all who attended the SOLD OUT show. The costumes were identical, the sound was spot on, and the energy was felt by all. Throughout the show almost all of our 2800 attendees were up and dancing to all of the different hits they played. This is more than just a tribute band, and that is easily seen by their dedication. We were so fortunate to have them and I know we would be ecstatic to have them again in the future.”

Danielle Felten

Town of Belleair Parks & Recreation

Interim Special Events Coordinator



"What can be said other then FANTASTIC !!! These 4 young men made me feel as tho I was 19 again. 2000 people in Alderson WV agree with me that they put on an Excellent show...."

Tom Cross

Alderson 4th of July Celebration

Hello Goodbye - Beatlemania Magic
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